(Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, upto 10+2)

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Manager’s Message

Grainalites are always embarking on newer heights and this sense of achievement gives me delight. I hope the dynamic approach will not be marred by any biased feelings and the budding talents will go on their creative spree sinking all differences of creed,caste and religion. This school is actually a replica of The Young Minds to display the vivid perception and inceptions of recent developments in the society and nation. I personally feel elated to see the young minds with vivid creativity and thrilling perception with synchronisation of experiences of their instructors to pave the way towards self made paradise of their creativity where only sky is the limit.


( Sh. Vinod Sangal )


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Director’s Message

Welcome to Grain Chamber Public School.
Thank you for your faith and trust in us. We assure you of a trustworthy vision and accomplishment.
As Director, I would like to personally welcome you to our family with the mission of Grain Chamber Public School to provide an innovative, academic, cultural and pragmatic excellence by empowering future leaders of life long learner in a holistic online or offline environment.

We envisage that all students succeed in their world to the optimum. Here, the conducive ambience offers a wide variety of challenging yet enjoyable and stressfree scholastic and co-curricular opporunities, athletic events and activities, performing arts and musical programmes with various clubs and activities.

Much can be imbibed from the hygienic natural ambience with lush green flora, gust of fragrant breeze, clear azure firmament and naturally fostered vibrant children.

The school will no doubt render all its impetus for the healthy grooming of all students, incorporating the suggestions of the parents and guradians on preferential basis .

( Dr. M.K. Gupta )


Principal’s Message

"Wealth in the form of money, diamond, gold and silver becomes useless to a person who enriches his personality wih the wealth of education and learning."

Dear Parents/Guardians/Teahers/Students,

Education is the fundamental right of a person which makes a man a human in real sense. The literate community is the foundation stone of all round development of a society, a nation and the world. Only learned one can think various methods for solving the most devastating problems of life. The development of all-round personalities of the future citizens can only be possible through education. Today, everywhere in the country or in the world. we can see a great achievement of Science and Technology in every field, be it Information Technology or Space Technology. We feel proud to say, "Indians are at the top". All this can be possible through the grit, determination, dedication and diligence of the teachers and the students.

Our aim in the school is to prepare disciplined and dedicated personalities who will be aware about their duties towards their nation and the environment. We, whole heartedly, are trying to exhibit their talents and efficiency which lie already latent in them, only a spark is sufficient to bring forth the best from them and this spark is given to them by the torch-bearers of the society i.e. teacher community.

Educaion of students is a joint venture in which school, parents and children have to bear the responsibility for achieving predetermined goals. 'Sky has no limit' so one can aim higher and higher and discharge all capabilities, wit and intelligence to gain success in life. Only hard work, punctuality, positive attitude and firmness can help you to get every thing whatsoever you aspire in your life.

"United we stand, divided we fall." If we all work as a unit for preparing our students to combat each difficulty of life, to compete in every competition with confidence, we will be successful in accomplishing this pious goal and in retaining and nurturing our cultural heritage, moral values and human traits among our students.

"A sweet tongue, simple words and polite manner can win over all problems of life"
Soliciting invaluable suggestions and co-operation of all.

( Azad Veer )


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