We aim to be a sound and sensitive school community, imbibing and sharing common values and morals towards our contribution to society. The need of the hour is a body of dedicated, capable, Experienced and self-motivated teachers to work towards our common motto

“Lead the Excellence”

Our teachers guide the students along the right path of wisdom, understanding and virtue, thereby catering to the various demands and dimensions of life.
Our teachers also share a keen interest on the student’s personality development and help them to gain a healthy thirst for knowledge and a determination to succeed,while retaining traditional values of discipline,respect and sincerity in all their endeavours. The faculty guides each student in their academic as well as personal lives throughout the duration of their studies.

Here is the list of our Teaching Staff

S. No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Mr. Azad Veer Principal B.COM.(HONS.),M.COM.,B.ED., M.A.(ECO.),M.B.A.(E)
2 Dr. Surendra Pal Singh PGT M.SC.(BIOLOGY), B.ED., PH.D.
3 Mrs. Santosh Kumari Bhim PGT M.PED.
4 Mr. Ashish Kumar Tyagi PGT M.SC.(MATHS), M.ED., M.B.A. .(E) , P.G.D.C.A.
5 Mrs. Meenakshi Gupta PGT M.SC.(CHEM.), B.ED.
6 Mr. Manish Kumar PGT M.SC.(PHYSICS), B.ED.
7 Mr. Rajendra Pal TGT M.SC.(MATHS), B.ED.
8 Mrs. Ritu Jain TGT M.A.(SOC),M.SC.(CHEM.), B.ED., CTET, UPTET
9 Mr. Dinesh Kumar TGT M.SC.(MATHS), B.ED.
10 Mrs. Asha Goel TGT M.A.(HINDI & SANS.), B.ED.
11 Mrs. Anju Gupta TGT M.A.(ENGLISH), B.ED.
12 Mrs. Lata Gupta TGT M.A.(SANS.), B.ED.
13 Miss. Hardeep Kaur Asstt. Tr. M. COM., M.A.(ED.), M.PHIL., MA(Eco.), B.Ed.
14 Mrs. Ruchi Agarwal Asstt. Tr. M.A.(DRG. & PAINTING)
15 Mrs. Shashi Gupta Asstt. Tr. M.A.(HINDI), B.ED.
16 Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sharma Clerk B. COM., B.ED.
17 Mr. Rahul Kumar Clerk BCA
18 Mr. Sanjay Kumar Peon 5TH CLASS PASS
19 Mr. Sudesh Kumar Peon 6TH CLASS PASS
20 Mr. Mange Ram Peon 8TH CLASS PASS
21 Mr. Sunil Kumar Sweeper 7TH CLASS PASS
22 Mr. Dhoom Singh Peon 9TH CLASS PASS
23 Mr. Sarvendra Kumar Sweeper 8TH CLASS PASS
24 Mr. Sandeep Sharma Asstt. Tr. M. SC.(PHYSICS), B. ED.
25 Mrs. Babita Sharma Asstt. Tr. M.A.(ENGLISH), B. ED., UPTET
26 Mrs. Diksha Sharma Receptionist M.A.(SOCIOLOGY & EDUCATION)
27 Mr. Dinesh Bhardwaj Asstt. Tr. M.A. (ENGLISH), B. ED.
28 Miss. Shubhda Arora Asstt. Tr. MCA
29 Mrs. Arushi Sharma Asstt. Tr. M.A.(HISTORY), B. ED.
30 Mrs. Rumal Tyagi Asstt. Tr. BCA, B.ED.
31 Mrs. Abha Shukla Librarian M.A.(ECO.),BLIS, MLIS
32 Miss. Pragya Sharma Asstt. Tr. M.A.(ENG.), B. ED., PGDCA
33 Mr. Vikas Kumar Comp.Opp. MCA, CCC, DOEACC O LEVEL
34 Mrs. Pratibha Gupta Asstt. Tr. B.ED., NTT
35 Mrs. Deepa Jain Asstt. Tr. B.A., BLIS, MLIS
36 Mrs. Ruby Asstt. Tr. M.A.(SOCIOLOGY)
37 Mr. Sandeep Kumar Asstt. Tr. M.A. (ENGLISH), B. ED.
38 Mrs. Shivani Jindal Asstt. Tr. M.SC.(MATHEMATICS), B.ED., UPTET
39 Mrs. Silky Jindal Asstt. Tr. B.SC, B.ED.
40 Mr. Avnish Kumar Asstt. Tr. B.SC., M.B.A.(MARKITING),B.ED., CTET
41 Mrs. Deepti Sharma Asstt. Tr. B.SC, B.ED.
42 Miss. Harshita Mishra Asstt. Tr. M.A. (ENGLISH), B. ED.
43 Mr. Kr. Gaurav Siddharth Asstt. Tr. B.A., B.P.ED., M.P.Ed. I
44 Mr. Pawan Kumar Sharma Asstt. Tr. M. COM.,B.ED.
45 Miss. Himani Sharma Asstt. Tr. B.A., B.P.ED.
46 Miss. Upasna Bedi Asstt. Tr. M. SC.(MATHS & STATISTICS)
47 Mrs. Rashmi Paliwal Asstt. Tr. M.A.(ENG.), B.ED.
48 Miss. Garima Chaudhary Asstt. Tr. M.SC.(BIOTECHNOLOGY)
49 Mr. Rishi Raj Sharma Asstt. Tr. B.TECH.
51 Ms. Parul Asstt. Tr. M.Com.
52 Miss. Arti Rani Asstt. Tr. M.Sc. (Mathematics)
53 Miss. Surbhi Gupta Asstt. Tr. MCA
54 Mr. Ajay Kumar Lab. Assistant Intermediate
55 Mrs. Sutopa Bose Jr. Wing Principal M.A. I (Eco.)
56 Mrs. Naina Kuchhal T.G.T. B.A., C. P.Ed.
57 Mrs. Mohini Mittal T.G.T. M.A. (Sanskrit), B.Ed.
58 Mrs. Sunita Sharma T.G.T. M.A. (Eco.), B.Ed.
59 Mrs. Mamta Bhatnagar T.G.T. M.A. (Drawing & Painting), B.Ed.
60 Mrs. Geetika Gupta T.G.T. M.Sc.(Botany), B.Ed.
61 Miss. Ruchi Rani Asst Tr. M.A.(Eng.), B.Ed., U.P.T.E.T.
62 Mrs. Usha Rani Arora Clerk B.A. ,B.Ed.
63 Mr. Neeraj Kumar Clerk M.Com, B.Ed.
64 Mrs. Sangeeta Jain Clerk M.A. (Sociology)
65 Mrs Balesh Clerk B.Lib., M.Com.
66 Mr. Raj Kumar Peon
67 Mrs. Usha Rani Peon
68 Mr.Ravindra Kr. Khairwal Peon 7th Class Pass
69 Mr. Radhey Shyam Peon 8th Class Pass
70 Mr. Bijendra Kumar Sweeper
71 Mr. Satish Kumar Sweeper 5th Class Pass
72 Mrs. Manisha Garg Asst Tr. B.A., N.T.T
73 Miss. Preeti Garg Asst Tr. M.Com., M. A. (Ed.), B. Ed.
74 Mrs. Maneesha Som Asst Tr. B.Sc. – II, N.T.T.
75 Mrs. Monika Garg Asst Tr. M.A. (English), B.Ed.
76 Mrs. Nisha Bhardwaj Asst Tr. M.A. (Pol. Sc.), B.Ed.
77 Mrs. Dipti Mittal Asst Tr. M.A. (Eng.), DCA, PGDCA, B. Ed.,
78 Mrs. Sapna Rani Asst Tr. B.A., B.Ed.
79 Miss. Manushree Asst Tr. B. A., Diploma in Fashion Designing
80 Mrs. Sandeepa Tomar Asst Tr. M. A. (English), NTT
81 Mrs. Trapti Maheshwari Asst Tr. M. A. (History), Dip. in Nutrition & H.Ed.
82 Mrs. Shalini Asst Tr. B.Sc., M. A. (Eco.), B. Ed.
83 Miss. Disha Grover Asst Tr. BCA, M. Corn., MBA
84 Mrs. Meenakshi Luthra Asst Tr. M.A.(History), NTT
85 Mrs. Rajinder Kaur Asst Tr. B.A. (Music), Sangeet Prabhakar (Vocal), NTT
86 Miss. Sonia Arora Asst Tr. M. Corn.
87 Mrs. Priya Aggarwal Asst Tr. B. A.
88 Mrs. Seema Rana Asst Tr. M.A.(Eco.), B.Lib., M. Lib
89 Mrs. Anjali Goel Asst Tr. M. A. (English)
90 Miss. Tanisha Sharma Asst Tr. B. Com., N.T.T.
91 Miss. Nidhi Rani Asst Tr. B. A., Sangeet Prabhakar
92 Miss. Sonam Garg Asst Tr. B. Corn., B. Ed., MBA (H.R.)
93 Mrs. Ruby Singhal Asst Tr. M.A. (English)
94 Mrs. Priyanka Mittal Asst Tr. M. A. (Drawing & Painting)
95 Miss. Khushbu Huria Asst Tr. B. Com.
96 Mrs. Vidushi Bansal Asst Tr. B. Sc., NTT
97 Mrs. Neetu Bhatia Asst Tr. B. Corn., B. Ed.
98 Mrs. Mohini Sharma Asst Tr. BBA
99 Ms. Veenu Agarwal Asst Tr. MCA
100 Mrs. Jyoti Agarwal Asst Tr. B.A.
101 Miss. Prachi Dixit Asst Tr. B.Com., MBA,NTT
102 Miss. Priya Agarwal Asst Tr. B.Com.
103 Mrs. Sunita Sharma Asst Tr. B.Com.
104 Miss. Ashima Sharma Asst Tr. BTC, B.Ed., M.Com.
105 Miss. Anshika Goel Asst Tr. B.Tech.
106 Miss. Jyoti Garg Asst Tr. MBA
107 Miss. Akansha Singhal Asst Tr. B.B.A.
108 Miss. Nidhi Computer Operator B.Com.
109 Miss. Swati Asst Tr. M.B.A.