The Curriculum includes a vast area of education and training to groom a student’s intellect up to the recent scenario.
At G.C.P.S., despite of traditional classroom structure, students are being provided with the “Learning Centers” in the context of “Nurture-child development centre” The activities at these classes are theme based. The curriculum is aimed at strengthening the ability to learn and gain from his/her experiences, whatever a student observes.
Our school focuses on the development of oral as well as written expression, critical thinking, creative writing and mathematical skills. Tours and Excursions are organized at regular intervals with the aim of acquainting the students with their cultural heritage. School is following the latest CCE based pattern for the classes VII to X.


1 English
2 Physics
3 Chemistry
4 Maths/Fine Arts/Computer Sc./P.Ed.
5 Biology/Economics/Computer Sc./P.Ed./Fine Arts


1 English
2 Acountancy
3 Business Studies
4 Maths/Fine Arts/Computer Sc./P.Ed.
5 Economics