Grain Chamber Public School, Muzaffarnagar extends heartiest welcome to you. Whether you are a student, a parent, a candidate aspiring to join this institution, you will find a host of useful, updated information which you may use.

Creation of a school is nurtured by personal beliefs and ideologies of the founders. It is ignited by the urge to fill up a void created by the absence of elements essential for humanity.Very few understand that being literate and being educated is not one and the same, especially in places which are not exposed to dimensional broadening of thoughts which comes with free mixing of cultures and people. Here literacy and education are synonymous.

Grain Chamber Public School was established with the purpose of imparting education not just literacy. It has its roots deeply embedded in the richness of traditional heritage of the Indian culture and its branches reaching out in various directions to enfold the magnitude of multifarious global ideologies. Though the school has adapted to the modern technological advancements, still cultural values are held high which makes the school a wonderful junction of modernity and tradition.